I’m working at stopping this behavior. Here’s how you can too.

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and how you can learn to “speak” your partner’s better too.

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The Love Languages framework helps you be more introspective about what you need from a partner. Here’s another way you can consider them.

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  • Gifts (thoughtful tokens, not just expensive diamonds but can be),
  • Physical Touch (hugs, hand-holding, touches, caresses, sexual intimacy, etc.),
  • Quality Time (having connected, active time together),
  • Acts of Service (such…

It’s not always easy, but with some simple tips, you can stick to any plan or goal.

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On what you should consider when you face the ultimate betrayal.

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More men need to start paying attention to and learning from the #MeToo movement.

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From lessons I’ve learned as an employee and then manager at a Fortune 500 company

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and how anyone else can too.

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Here’s what you should know.

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How my family copes

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Brian Ball

Husband. Father. Global Product Manager for a Fortune 500 company. Master Coach. https://beacons.ai/bdb2021

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