• James Fox Jeffries

    James Fox Jeffries

    (Hopefully) humorous writing on young sobriety, mental health, cats, and LGBTQ matters. Written for Huffpost, Lyra, and others. London, UK.

  • Avril Egan

    Avril Egan

    A burgeoning writer/ flower essence practitioner with a passion for celebrating creativity in its many forms.

  • Jo Ann Harris

    Jo Ann Harris

    Multiple genre writer. Writer for Crow’s Feet, Family and Children, Illumination. Honesty & integrity count. Editor for Wreader. A specialist in eclecticism.

  • Radmila S. van Os

    Radmila S. van Os

  • Mary Gibbs-Bolender

    Mary Gibbs-Bolender

    I’m a mom first then life and wellness coach. I live in Las Vegas Nv but born and raised in California 💞

  • Susan McCord

    Susan McCord

    Susan McCord (Dear Sybersue) is a Dating/Relationship Advice Show Host, Published Author, Certified Coach, Blogger & Advice Columnist. https://www.sybersue.com

  • Ján Záskalan

    Ján Záskalan

  • Vashti Hale

    Vashti Hale

    A mom, Business Life Coach/Strategist who loves to travel, network & positively impact the lives of others.

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